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Hi, I’m Judith, Positive Coach & Business Consultant.
I merge management and personal development tools with modern and ancient philosophy. Based in Augsburg, Germany, I am working on an international scale.
My personal mission is to connect people and organisations with their purpose and get it into action with the right set of tools, knowledge and wisdom.
These are the qualities that I contribute:

Judith Gutzeit
Positive Coach & Business Consultant

As Positive Business Consultant I serve you as a “Business Catalyst”,
bring forth the best in people, inspire to take the next steps and create success together with you.

How I got here:

People spend a great deal of their lifetime in their work environment to earn a living. I was intrigued by the idea of influencing and contributing to the success and well-being of this environment and its people. This was my original inspiration to become a business consultant.
My passion for fashion and lifestyle had led me to study international business, as I pursued the profession of a project manager, bringing all kinds of different perspectives together producing a successful output.
Being a working student in this field, however, I quickly realized, that in order to follow the depth of my interests, I had to look further.
It was in a doctor’s waiting room where I learned about business consulting in a business magazine. I followed up on it eagerly. The prospect of getting insights into different industries, and different business perspectives, as well as truly offering value by applying a fresh, unbiased look from the outside, spoke to me greatly.The creative and strategic way of playing with ideas, opportunities and solutions made me feel alive and sparked an inner fire. Very soon after I entered the industry as a professional, it became clear:
I liked WHAT I did, but not HOW it was done.

I realized frequently, that political and personal interests seemed to be more important than addressing the root cause of an issue. This prevented the company to really thrive.

Spending long hours in this setting and not really making the contribution I intended in the first place, made my passion cease.
During all this time, I was introduced to a philosopher and direct-lineage holder of TAO wisdom. TAO, as an eastern philosophy, describes the source of all that is, the universal laws and principals and the way of all life.
It was like my personal answer to my questions on life and adding a psychology study to my business background, as I always saw the big potential of merging these two disciplines. I studied these teachings intensely for four years, which also inspired a great amount of personal growth. To this day, the knowledge and wisdom I gained, provides the framework for filling in all the valuable bits and pieces that I continuously acquire about management and positive psychology and the human potential.

My gut feeling that something in general business was out of alignment got stronger and stronger.
People were supposed to use their capabilities to have a positive impact on each other and the planet through their work and create solutions instead of problems.
The PURPOSE was the missing core piece, and re-introducing or re-focusing on the purpose was the solution to me.

I decided to acknowledge this truth and to create and live a consulting approach that is pragmatic, creative, transparent, tech-savvy and valuable. And first and foremost, acknowledging that businesses are made by people. This laid the foundation for Positive Business Consulting, soon to be followed by my concept of Positive Coaching. My working style is characterized by trust, cooperation and transparency.

Positive Coaching is something very dear to me, as everything that I learned and experienced myself – on a professional and personal level – flows into that approach. Together with my client, I create a safe and trustworthy space, where ideas and visions can flourish in a professional and loving context, to be pragmatically put into action.

Positive Business Consulting focuses upon a management style that is appreciative, aligning and strengthening. It is implementing a positive way of conducting business that will lead to sustainable success and true value creation. I love my work and I am thoroughly dedicated to Positive Business Consulting. It is important to me to address issues clearly, to offer solutions that feed your progress, and thus add value to your business.

Being a consultant doesn’t mean I am all-knowing. Rather it means, I have the ability to quickly get familiar with your particular business environment, to give you an unbiased analysis and to acquire the knowledge to master upcoming challenges. But most of all, it means I have empathy for people and situations, ask the right questions, listen carefully and serve as a “business catalyst”.

In chemistry, a catalyst provides a different and more efficient path of a process. Imagine me being your catalyst, introducing new paths to success, increasing the harmony of business processes and
raising the creative energy in your business.

I believe in the Tao wisdom “The big way is simple.” When we get stuck or feel overwhelmed by complexity, thinking about the easiest and most obvious thing to do, can bring us back into flow and towards the best solution. As people, we often believe big things have to be complex and hard to achieve, when in fact the opposite is the case. Clear communication, the right amount of information, cooperating instead of competing, or working with the right tools can already make a big difference.
In a nutshell, Positive Coaching & Business Consulting is all about bringing forth the best in people, aligning them with their purpose, inspiring them to take the next steps, provide them with the right tools and creating success together.

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Facts in Brief

  • Connector.Connector.

    Studies of Business Administration (Berlin School of Economics and Law) and International Management (International Business School at Hogeschool van Amsterdam)

  • Connector.Connector.

    One year of work experience in Shanghai with focus on business development

  • Connector.Connector.

    Four years of work experience as business consultant with two boutique consultancies, focusing on procurement and supply chain management

  • Connector.Connector.

    Certification in Lean Administration Management

  • Connector.Connector.

    Studies of TAO philiosophy and Positive Psychology

  • Connector.Connector.

    Three years work-experience as Start-Up-Stay-Up Coach

  • Connector.Connector.

    Broad industry experience

  • Art Gallery · Cable Network · Commodity · Consumer Electronics · Cosmetics · Domestic Appliances · Energy · Fabric · Facility Management · Fashion · Foodservice · Furniture · Healthcare · Interior Design · Medical Laboratories · Personal Development · Printing and Embossing · Packaging · Promotion Material · Retail · Surface Refinement · Trading · Transportation & Logistics

  • Connector.Connector.

    Business Consulting Freelancer since 2011 and still loving it the authentic way

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