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Is Power Meditation the new power nap?

Let me tell you why I believe so:

When I worked in China I truly became acquainted with the concept of power napping, anytime & anywhere.

In Shanghai I was working in one of these typical 30-something-storey-office buildings, with its reflecting glass facade and individual coal(!) heating. I remember the funny fact that everyone was carrying around their own toilet paper and it was there where I have observed some of the most peculiar parking activities.

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The entrance hall of that building was lined up with black worn-out leather couches. These particular couches would fill up during break-time. It seemed as if really everybody gathered there with their tea bottles. Everyone would sit-down, close their eyes – and nap.

Being a Westerner it was quite fascinating to watch and it didn’t take long until I joined them on exactly these black worn-out leather couches, closed my eyes – and napped – or at least tried my best to do so.
The result was a more relaxed and fresh start into the next part of the day.

From then on I appreciated the freedom of closing my eyes and dozing away whenever, wherever I had the opportunity to do so – especially in the overcrowded subway. A true hideaway of stillness within the crowd. Back in Europe I happily continued my new freedom of closing my eyes and withdrawing from busy everyday-life when I felt the need to do so.

Now several years later, meditation on a daily basis has become my habit, my precious resort of tranquility, clarity and inspiration. Indeed, I experience that 15 minutes of mediation have an even much greater effect of refreshment, clarity and relaxation than any of my power naps ever had.

15 minutes of mediation have a greater effect of refreshment, clarity and relaxation than any of my power naps ever had.

What is the add-on of meditation?

Meditation seems to connect us to something bigger than ourselves. It calms, widens the mind, makes us present and thus helps us to make more objective decisions. You probably have already come across the term “mindfulness”.

It also relaxes the body and nourishes us on some fascinating level. A precious source of vitality and stamina in our busy society. In fact it helps us to uplift our frequency and vibration and this is where all the benefit and “aha-effect” comes from.

Sometimes when we relax things can just fall into their best place. All by themselves. Especially when we have done the best we could at this point in time (a continuously evolving process also for myself).

Want to give it a try?

In the beginning you might simply want to start with taking 5 minutes, becoming still, becoming aware – and yes, taking some deep breaths.

In case you now have that inner grin of disbelief, it is absolutely ok.
Believe me, I had that too in the beginning until I realized the serious positive effect on my life and work quality.
In fact, I have witnessed quite some grinning disbelievers turning into serious practitioners.

This is how you can start practicing:

Stand or sit up straight and comfortably. Gently close your eyes. Relax your hands. Relax your shoulders. Become soft in your jaw and also soften your forehead. Bring your mind out of your busy head into your lower abdomen by simply thinking of your lower abdomen. This will ground you.

A conscious and deep breath can make you feel more fresh and present.

Now start to observe your breath. Where is it going? How deep is it? Is your breath touching any tight parts within yourself, for instance your neck or the part between your shoulder blades? Now, give your breath more space. Expand yourself with your breath. Take your space. Become bigger and bigger. Breathe consciously into every part of yourself where you experience tension or unease. Totally relax that area when exhaling. This sort of conscious breath can make you feel more fresh and present.

Easy, right?
In the beginning, I remember locking myself into the restroom at my workplace doing just that when I got stuck during a challenging project. You might want to do that, too.

Do you want to try a little bit more advanced meditation approach?

I recommend the simple, yet very effective, 4-Power-Technique based on Dr. Zhi Gang Sha combining body, mind, soul and sound power :

  • Body Power

Body Power is hand and body positions supporting the energy flow. Where you put your hands is where you receive benefits.

Stand or sit up straight and comfortably. Gently close your eyes. Consciously relax your body. Also, relax your hands and put them on your lower abdomen. Become aware of your breath and expand it for a few moments.

  • Soul Power

Soul is information or message. Soul Power is to say “Hello”, to invoke the positive message.

“Dear my body please relax and refresh fully.
Dear my energy, vitality, stamina and immunity please boost yourself.
Dear my mind please become clear and inspired.
Dear my emotions please become clear and objective.
Dear my current work project please become successful as appropriate.
Dear my relationship with … please heal and transform.”

Continue to state  your current matters of interest that could need a boost or some transformation.
Once you are done add: “Please do a good job. Thank you!”

The 4-power-technique combines the power of body, mind, soul and sound.

  • Mind Power

Mind Power is creative visualization.

Put your mind into your lower abdomen by simply thinking of your lower abdomen.
Imagine a very bright golden light radiating from your lower abdomen out into your entire body and your matters of request. Become as comfortable as you possibly can.

  • Sound Power

Sound Power is to chant a mantra, to repeatedly think, say or sing a positive message.

Choose a mantra that fits your individual believe system.
It could be as simple as “light”, “love”, “forgiveness” or “Greatest light heals and transforms”.

The wisdom is “What we chant is what we become”. For example, if you chant light, light flows into all your requests and transforms the frequency and vibration to a higher level. From then on the law of resonance takes over…

Now, chant your mantra in your own way for ten minutes…

… Close your meditation by saying “Thank you!”

How do you feel? Are you experiencing any positive effect?

If yes, you might have just witnessed one of the aspects why I have officially integrated meditation in my business consulting portfolio.

Enjoy a beautiful and refreshed day!

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