Positive Coaching & Business Consultant is an approach that I have developed in order to support you as a person, business and organisation to face and transform challenges and to create solutions in order to excel in your field.

The goal is to create sustainable success by taking measures that are embraced by all involved.

You are invited to contribute your perspectives, individual knowledge, personal insights and requests.

I will listen to you, ask you meaningful questions, give you an objective and analytical view, provide you with competent project management, fresh ideas and clear statements.

What is on your mind? I am looking forward to meeting you!

Judith Gutzeit

Let’s create success together!

Positive Business Consulting

I created Positive Business Consulting by combining state-of-the-art management techniques, modern psychology and scientific knowledge with ancient philosophy and spiritual wisdom.

It has been inspired by the great work of Positive Psychology and Positive Leadership.
The two recent Nobel Prize winners, Angus Deaton and Daniel Kahnemann, are closely related to positive psychology, and have been awarded for connecting economics and psychology.

Positive Business Consulting…

  • serves as a holistic approach to help businesses and organisations to face the challenges of our time
  • aligns your organisation with its purpose to benefit society
  • supports the concept of Shared Value
  • helps to create real solutions for real problems
  • systematically strengthens, empowers and develops the positive aspects
  • ignites enthusiasm, joy and identification
  • leads to a high performance and business success
  • balances pragmative and visionary components
  • creates an open space of possibilities

This positive alignment is the foundation of creating success together.

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I work for you in Germany and international locations.

About Me

  • A sound business education, versatile and international industry experience, curiosity and the eagerness to design and facilitate change, are the basis for my work as a management consultant.
  • It is my personality that first and foremost makes me a “positive” business consultant. Based on that my natural interests are grounded in the fields of the potential of the people and how to bring beauty on the inside and outside into the world.

Circle of Positive Business Consulting

Let’s tailor your project!


Alignment & Values.
Purpose meets proposition.

A value proposition to the customer is a good and well-known basis for a company.

An even stronger foundation is a purpose proposition (PurPosition), the individual meaning and intention you assign to your company. What purpose to you want to offer to your customers, but also to your employees, society and the environment?

From there, you can derive values that inspire and guide your company, like a compass, in the long term in all your thoughts and actions and the impact you are ultimately going to make.



Path & goal.
Strategy meets agility to form StratAgility.

Your strategy determines the direction of your company.
Where is the journey taking you? What are your goals?

Agility is an important feature to move confidently, elegantly and flexibly on the market playground.


Line-up & thriving.
Organization meets alignment to form OrgAlignment.

Which form of organization do you need to achieve your strategic goals?

How can you unfold the entire potential of your employees and ressources in the most effective and sustainable way? How do you need to align your organizational structure and culture in order to thrive?


Flow & coordination.
Processes meet ability to form ProcessAbility.

Processes create flow, raise efficiency and performance, secure quality and standards and add value.

Which processes enable you to reach your strategic targets and to live your organizational values?


Ingredients & impact.
Procurement meets mentality to form ProcureMentality.

Procurement delivers an important aspect of your value proposition to satisfy your customers.

Your mentality in procurement defines not only what but how you purchase.

How can procurement support your strategy and the well-being of your organization?

Inspiration & Blog



I love innovative and positive approaches.
Here, I share some of them with you and blog about my experiences and insights.
They are all up for your constructive feedback.
Get inspired!

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