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Business Model Generation

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The book Business Model Generation stands out among all the strategy and business plan manuals.
A handbook for visionaries, game changers and challengers, says the subtitle.
Its appearance is casual, creative and direct. A little bit like a handicraft guide but at the same time proficient.
A book for doers and makers. Or as you can read in the book: For the Business Model Generation.

Business Model Generation is authored by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur cooperating with an international team.

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It is addressing everyone dealing with the following questions:
• How can I create value?
• How can I develop new businesses?
• How can I transform or improve my organization?
• How can I develop innovative business models?
• How can I replace old and out-dated business models?

This is my impression: A fresh and playful approach for thinking outside the box as an entrepreneur. Basic knowledge – if needed – is being refreshed or quickly being built. The methods and tools are simple, systematic and efficient. And: They are fun, team-oriented, and inspire courageous thinking. Indeed, a different kind of guide for strategic brainstorming, business plans and much more!

Core is the Business Model Canvas with its nine components:
• Customer segments
• Value propositions
• Channels
• Customer relationships
• Revenue streams
• Key resources
• Key activities
• Key partners
• Cost structure
The canvas combines these efficiency and value adding elements on one page.

I am inspired by the business model canvas. The fact, that the canvas has established itself as a strategic tool since its first publication in 2010, speaks for itself.
It qualifies perfectly to convincingly present your new business ideas, strategic goals or the management summary of your business plan.
If you need more theory, I suggest you explore the standard works of strategic management.

Find here the link to the book Business Model Generation

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About the Author

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